Yesterday’s firing

Well, I checked out the kiln this morning to see how yesterday’s firing went. I fired the pieces to a very low temperature, hoping to maintain the shine on a few pieces I burnished to a nice polish. I must say I was not disappointed when I opened the kiln this morning.

Comparison of the burnished piece vs the other pieces after bisque firing

I only fired a few pieces as a trial to see how it turned out. I was worried about losing the shine, and about the pieces not being fired high enough for strength. The shine turned out great, and the pieces still make that nice ‘ping’ sound when you tap their sides. I must say I am very happy with how they turned out.

The burnished piece

Hopefully we can do our barrel firing in the next couple weeks – this weekend might be pretty busy, so I am aiming for the following weekend. That also gives me time to make some other pieces as well. I have some white clay that I want to try (both burnished and unburnished), and my wife wants to include a couple pieces as well.

A close-up of the texture of the burnished piece

It is firings like this that really makes a person want to keep working to see how things turn out. Now if only my next glaze firing turns out nicely as well…


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