the season for the white stuff…

Well, hopefully not.  But we had some white clay sitting around that I haven’t tried throwing yet, so I decided to try throwing a few to include in the barrel firing.  My wife has tried throwing it before and said it is a lot harder to throw than our red clay, and she wasn’t kidding.

My first pieces thrown with the little bit of white clay we have.

The clay feels completely different – very sticky and jello-y.  However, it makes nice smooth pieces, which might be good for burnishing.  I definitely want to keep mixing in some of our white clay as I throw our red clay, to keep working on my fundamentals.  The red clay is much more forgiving to how you throw it; the white clay is not.

The drying results

It was nice to work in the studio today, as it has bee over a week since I was last down there.  It is relaxing to just put on some good tunes (Tom Waits tonight) and just chill out and work on some pottery.  I also trimmed a couple pieces that I threw the last time I worked in the studio, since they had been sitting around for about 10 days.  They turned out pretty well – I think I am going to try burnishing a couple of the red pieces and a couple of the white pieces for the barrel firing.

Afew of my (and my wife's) pieces right after trimming

Sounds like we are barrel firing this Saturday, so I’m trying to get everything cranked out so it can dry and we can fire it in the kiln Friday to be prepared for the barrel firing on Saturday.  Should be a busy week!


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