hot pots

Well, I managed to get the pieces cleaned up and some of them polished.  Of the fourteen pieces we barrel fired, 5 will need to be re-fired because they have a lot of gunk left on them.  The remaining pieces turned out very cool.

I tried a few options for polishing the burnished pieces: wax, acrylic wood polish, and tile sealer.  The wax created a nice gloss and popped the colors a bit, and probably worked the best.  The wood polish worked nicely as well – it didn’t have as much of a gloss as the wax, but made the colors pop a lot more.  The tile sealer worked ok, but I found out it worked better on unburnished pieces to help make the colors richer, especially black.

I can’t wait to try it again.  I need to start making pieces for the next fire.  However, I am going on a trip next week so won’t have much time to work for a couple weeks.  Thanksgiving weekend might be a good target to shoot for.

Check out the photos below – I might add some more close-ups of the colors soon.


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