Blaze’s Glazes

Well, I returned a few days ago from a nice, week-long vacation in sunny Arizona.  It was nice to actually get some sunlight, which we haven’t seen much of around the SE Minnesota area.  It really picks you up to see the sun-you don’t realize how much dreary, cloudy November days affect you until you get away from them.

Today was my first chance to get into the studio since then and get back to the swing of things.  Sounds like I should have a lot more time to work on pottery this winter, which will be really nice.  I worked on a few pieces on the wheel just to get some work in since it had been a couple weeks.  Tried a couple large seven pound hunks of clay, which was pretty fun working with and making some pretty big bowls.

I spent most of the afternoon glazing pieces I had lying around from before my trip – I seem to have a hard time sometimes getting into glazing, so I need to build up a large number of pieces so I can focus a full afternoon or day on it.  I just used some glazes we had lying around and played with different combinations.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have a chance to fire some of them!


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