the results:

Well, I’ve pulled the pots from the first glaze fire, and I think they turned out pretty nice.  Some of the colors came out differently than they have before, so I don’t know if that is an issue with my running the kiln or a symptom of the pyrometer getting less accurate.  I’ve attached some pictures below – you can seem them larger by clicking on them.

I’m firing the kiln again today, and probably the final glaze fire on Tuesday.  I redipped a few pieces based on how things turned out on this first fire.

These firings are primarily me playing with some of our dipping glazes, seeing how they turn out and how they react with other glazes.  Some of the combinations hardly did anything and a few turned out amazingly putrid, while some were quite amazing.

The following piece is probably my favorite of the batch.  It turned out with some amazing colors – red, blue green – which is curious, considering the two original glazes were gray and brown.  However, I’m trying a few more like it in the next couple firings to see if it is repeatable.  Stay tuned for more photos from the next firings.


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