second firing

Just unloaded the second glaze firing – got some really nice pieces in this firing as well.  I’m attaching some more photos below.  Tried some different color combinations to see how they work together.  The lightish, yellow glaze is somewhat prone to fingerprints, so I’m going to have to be a bit more careful with that one.

The brown glaze turns out really nice, because it becomes very glassy and almost has a translucent quality to it – when you look at it there seems to be depth to the glaze.  It also reacts well with the other glazes (including create some amazing blues on a couple pieces).

I still have one more firing to do tomorrow, and then I all out of my bisqueware.  Time to start cracking on more, I guess.  I do enjoy rocking out to some good tunes and working on the wheel.

I’m starting to enjoy glazing after these last couple of firings!


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