final firing

Just pulled my final pieces from the final firing (for now).  This firing turned out great – I glazed these pots after the first firing, so I was able to try to recreate some of the successes from it.  I must say I am e happy with yesterday’s firing and I would be very happy if every firing turns out like this one.  I still have a lot of brushed glazes to play with, but I’ll leave that for the next round of firings.

I really am happy with the bluish-reddish-greenish glaze that I seem to have figured out.  I was able to get a few pieces to turn out like that.  There were still a couple pieces that will end up tossed, but overall everything went pretty well.

Now it’s time to start working on some new pieces.  I’ve burnished some pieces in preparation for my next barrel firing soon.  I think I’ve figured out how to burnish pieces quickly, so I don’t have to spend more than about 15-20 minutes on each piece.  I still need to get a few supplies for the firing but I’m about ready for it.

I also want to start working on the wheel and making specific items, such as crocks, mugs, pitchers, tall vases, plates, and so forth, that I haven’t made to this point.  I’ve spent most of my time making bowls (and bowls, and bowls, and bowls…).  I need to mix it up to keep thing interesting for myself.


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