glaze fire 1

Well, I opened the first glaze firing this morning, and I must say I was quite happy with what came out of it.  I fired the test pieces to see how the new glazes work.  Some of them look interesting and are worth further exploration, and some are simply junk.

I have a few more glazes to test, which I glazed today and will probably fire tomorrow.  I’m running the kiln for a bisque firing today.

I also fired some pieces besides the test pieces.  They all turned out great, and am starting to figure out this batch of glazes.  I’m still trying different combinations to see how they work together and react on the surface.

Yesterday was probably the craziest day I have had since I’ve graduated college (for reasons unrelated to pottery), so it was nice to have a fairly normal day again.  Lets just say I think we are still figuring out how to use a diesel car in Minnesota.  Should be able to fire some more pieces in the next couple days.


glaze day

Well, I spent most of the day glazing pieces.  I’m not particularly fond of glazing, because I am not always the most patient person.  And glazing takes a lot of patience, especially if you want some sort of acceptable outcome.  However, I was able to fight off my lack of patience and slowly worked through glaze day.

I dipped a bunch of pieces, which is nice and fast and I have some nice, predictable combinations that I really like that makes the process a little easier.  I just put some good tunes on and rocked out while working.

I also brushed some pieces – I’m testing out some different glazes to see how they turn out.  I hope to fire them soon so I can access the glazes right away while they are still fresh in my mind.  Brushing glazes are very hard for me because they take so long (I think it took me twice as long to brush half as many pieces as dipping).  I’m very excited about these glazes and hope they turn out well so I can put together large quantities for dipping.

The kiln is going to be blazing the next few days, with probably 5 glazes firings and a bisque firing planned.  We’ll have to see how they turn out.

cleaning house

I spent some time cleaning the studio this afternoon, because I think I will be able to spend quite a bit of time working this week.  I thought having everything clean and ready will help me get to work right away.  Our studio can get pretty messy, especially with students working in the studio.  Seems like if you double the amount of people, you quadruple the mess.

I hope to get lots of pictures up of pieces in progress this week, and maybe even some finished pieces by the beginning of next week.  Check back soon!

first blizzard of the season…

We survived our first blizzard of the season, but luckily we didn’t have to go anywhere today.  I did end up spending about 2 hours outside shoveling our walk and helping a neighbor shovel their deck.

Despite the snow, I managed to fit some time to work in the studio and work on a few pieces.  I  decided to try throwing and altering some pieces for a little variety.

I threw some squarish pieces today.  These are really fun to throw and make for some quick, fun pieces.  The straight sides contrast nicely with the round throwing lines on the sides of the pot, as well as the round bottom.  I am going to have to experiment with some more of these.

I also threw some oval pieces – however, I forgot to take any picture of them.  I do have this photo of an oval piece and a square piece that I attached some lugs for handles.  I think I am going to have to try some larger ones of these as baking pans.

I guess next time I’ll have to try dodecahedron pieces…

I am really building up the stockpile of greenware, and am going to start firing them tomorrow, regardless of the weather.  I also need to find time to barrel fire some pieces, but I may have to wait a bit until it gets a little warmer (I am NOT looking forward to negative degrees tonight!)  I’ll probably get a good amount of time working in the studio tomorrow since the weather looks to be a continued dose of gross.

Slowly getting back into the studio this week after the long holiday weekend.  I burnished a few pieces I had made for a barrel firing I want to do soon – I think I’ve got the burnishing process down to a pretty quick process, where it only takes me about 10-20 minutes per piece, depending on the size.

I fired the burnished pieces yesterday to cone 015, and everything came out nice and shiny.  I need to make a run into Rochester for some supplies, and then I will be completely ready for a barrel firing very soon.

My wife is firing the kiln right now, filled with pieces from some students that took a few classes here.  It is always interesting to see how their pieces turn out.  Always find little ideas in every firing.