glaze fire 1

Well, I opened the first glaze firing this morning, and I must say I was quite happy with what came out of it.  I fired the test pieces to see how the new glazes work.  Some of them look interesting and are worth further exploration, and some are simply junk.

I have a few more glazes to test, which I glazed today and will probably fire tomorrow.  I’m running the kiln for a bisque firing today.

I also fired some pieces besides the test pieces.  They all turned out great, and am starting to figure out this batch of glazes.  I’m still trying different combinations to see how they work together and react on the surface.

Yesterday was probably the craziest day I have had since I’ve graduated college (for reasons unrelated to pottery), so it was nice to have a fairly normal day again.  Lets just say I think we are still figuring out how to use a diesel car in Minnesota.  Should be able to fire some more pieces in the next couple days.


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