pottery classes

I have created a schedule of classes and posted them here. If you have the guts or the interest to sign up for a class, email me at [blazingstarpottery at gmail.com]. I am currently offering two classes on Saturdays, Introduction to the Pottery Wheel, and Reintroduction to the Pottery Wheel. If you have any questions please drop me a line. Both classes should be a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to everybody who turns out!


cleaning house

Well, I’ve spent the past week cleaning the studio to have a fresh start for the new year.  It is a really good excuse to clean all the tables and shelves, and rearrange everything to maximize space.  I was able to create a space for my work in progress while saving a lot of space for students that come in to work in the studio. All I have left to clean is to mop the floors and then everything should be done!

I had three people come in to work in the studio yesterday, and we discussed possibly having a refresher class for a few people who want to use the studio this winter but haven’t been in to work for quite a few months.  So I’m planning on having one or two sessions on Saturday, 6 weeks long.  I’m putting together the schedule now and will post it here once it is ready.

I threw some pieces yesterday as well, which was good because I hadn’t worked on the wheel since Christmas.  I took it easy last week to recover from the holidays, so this week it is time kick it into gear.  I’ve sent out a few job applications in addition to my studio work, so hopefully some good things happen.

glaze fire 3

Well, I finally got a chance to run the kiln and fired the remaining pieces I had left.  I have the test pieces in this fire along with some purple and gold bowls.

I am really happy with how this firing turned out.  By far the stand out pieces are the red glazed pieces.  I’ve been searching for a nice red glaze for some time, but seems like they either turn out pink or I don’t get predictable results.  Sometimes they turn out red, rust, or tan.  So I’m happy to get a nice red.  The straw colored pieces turned out nice as well, and could be a nice light colored glaze to balance out all of the dark glazes I have been using.  The other glazes turned out nice but didn’t blow me away.  I’ll be trying them some more soon.

The purple and gold bowls turned out very nice – it was my first attempt at making a set of pieces with the same shape or size.  They turned out pretty nice, and I hope the person that requested them is happy!


Last week I spent a day and drove to the Twin Cities to pick up some clay that I want to experiment with for barrel firing.  I also bought some glazes to replenish some that I already have, as well as try out some new glazes.  I mixed up the glazes on Thursday to let them sit 24 hours.  On New Years Day, I glazed the last pieces I had bisque fired so I could fire them this weekend to see how they turn out.

These glazes seem very promising so I’m hoping they turn out fantastic.  I’d like to have some lighter glazes, as well as a nice reddish color.  We’ll have to see how they turn out.

I also glazed some “Super Bowls” that I had a request for.  Let’s hope they are a bit premature.  I needed to pick up some glaze for these when I was in Minneapolis since I was out of these colors – I don’t use them very often.

The studio is a bit of a mess – between trying to reorganize everything and recycling clay, it looks like a tornado went through.  Hopefully I can get everything done this week.

glaze fire 2

I didn’t have a chance to run the kiln much over the holidays, but I was able to run it a few time this past week.  I’m still trying some different combinations and applications.

I’m going to be spending some time this upcoming week reorganizing a few things in the studio – my storage areas are pretty full and cluttered right now, and I need to knock some sense into them.  Hopefully I win – not the mess.