Last week I spent a day and drove to the Twin Cities to pick up some clay that I want to experiment with for barrel firing.  I also bought some glazes to replenish some that I already have, as well as try out some new glazes.  I mixed up the glazes on Thursday to let them sit 24 hours.  On New Years Day, I glazed the last pieces I had bisque fired so I could fire them this weekend to see how they turn out.

These glazes seem very promising so I’m hoping they turn out fantastic.  I’d like to have some lighter glazes, as well as a nice reddish color.  We’ll have to see how they turn out.

I also glazed some “Super Bowls” that I had a request for.  Let’s hope they are a bit premature.  I needed to pick up some glaze for these when I was in Minneapolis since I was out of these colors – I don’t use them very often.

The studio is a bit of a mess – between trying to reorganize everything and recycling clay, it looks like a tornado went through.  Hopefully I can get everything done this week.


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