glaze fire 3

Well, I finally got a chance to run the kiln and fired the remaining pieces I had left.  I have the test pieces in this fire along with some purple and gold bowls.

I am really happy with how this firing turned out.  By far the stand out pieces are the red glazed pieces.  I’ve been searching for a nice red glaze for some time, but seems like they either turn out pink or I don’t get predictable results.  Sometimes they turn out red, rust, or tan.  So I’m happy to get a nice red.  The straw colored pieces turned out nice as well, and could be a nice light colored glaze to balance out all of the dark glazes I have been using.  The other glazes turned out nice but didn’t blow me away.  I’ll be trying them some more soon.

The purple and gold bowls turned out very nice – it was my first attempt at making a set of pieces with the same shape or size.  They turned out pretty nice, and I hope the person that requested them is happy!


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