cleaning house

Well, I’ve spent the past week cleaning the studio to have a fresh start for the new year.  It is a really good excuse to clean all the tables and shelves, and rearrange everything to maximize space.  I was able to create a space for my work in progress while saving a lot of space for students that come in to work in the studio. All I have left to clean is to mop the floors and then everything should be done!

I had three people come in to work in the studio yesterday, and we discussed possibly having a refresher class for a few people who want to use the studio this winter but haven’t been in to work for quite a few months.  So I’m planning on having one or two sessions on Saturday, 6 weeks long.  I’m putting together the schedule now and will post it here once it is ready.

I threw some pieces yesterday as well, which was good because I hadn’t worked on the wheel since Christmas.  I took it easy last week to recover from the holidays, so this week it is time kick it into gear.  I’ve sent out a few job applications in addition to my studio work, so hopefully some good things happen.


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