song of the week

This week’s song is a song I hadn’t listened to in a long time – but I didn’t have my ipod with me in studio this week so I grabbed this album and I remembered how fantastic it is.  Rarely am I in a mood that Pearl Jam doesn’t sound good to me, but this song is so fantastic that I can listen to it over and over again.

Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter.


class projects

Well, here are the pieces I made for class on Saturday to show the students.  I put a few types of lugs on a couple of the tall cylinders, and made a few different types of handles for a set of mugs.

It was a really fun class to teach because it gets the students to take a quick break from the wheel and work on adding those finishing touches to the piece.  Plus, they get to make something that feels very usable – a nice set of mugs.  I demonstrated four types of handles – which was good for me because I don’t use all of them very often.  I look forward to the next class because it is their final work day before they spend the last class glazing everything.

I am planning on posting some student work once it comes out of the kiln.  Check back in a couple weeks for photos!

between olympic events…

Apparently there is some big sporting event being held in Vancouver, and it is also becoming apparent that I have been spending too much time watching it.  Regardless, this past week was very busy – it was one of those weeks where you have a ton of things to do, but at the end you still feel like you have a lot to do and nothing to show for the work completed.  I made a trip into Rochester every day this week and that really eats into your free time.  The best part of the week was my first time rock climbing.  My wife and I took a climbing class for her birthday, and it was a blast.  We can’t wait to go back and try it some more.

I spent this week making some pieces for the class on Saturday so I could demo some pieces for them. We worked on cylinders, so I made a few cylinders ahead of time to show how to add handles and lugs to them.  Their assignment for the next class is to make four mugs.

I spent a little time throwing some bowls for a fundraiser about a month from now, and making some glaze test tiles.  I’m hoping to finish the test tiles for the new glazes I’ve been trying.  This next week should be nice because I can spend time throwing things other than for class.

snow time

Well, we’ve got another snowy day in Minnesota land.  We are probably due since we haven’t had much snow since early January.  However, I am ready for spring1.  I’m ok having snow during December and January and 75-80 degrees the rest of the year.

I fired the kiln on Thursday2 and included a few of my pieces as well as some student work.  I will probably be firing a lot of student work over the next 5-6 weeks, which will actually be nice because I won’t have to wait as long to fire my pieces.  I think I’m figuring out some nice glaze combinations finally.

I haven’t been making much in studio lately, but I have been working in studio quite a bit.  I’ve been playing with clay trying to find some forms that I like, and cleaning the studio and recycling clay (students make a lot of slop to reclaim).

Check back for more news soon.  I’m hoping in a couple weeks I will know more about my schedule for the spring and summer and I can figure out some class schedule.

1 – Speaking of spring, two big soccer news for Minnesota – The new professional soccer team in Minnesota now have a name – NSC Minnesota Stars. They have a nice logo, and the team seems to be run by a good group. Their schedule for the summer was released today. Also, the semi-pro team in Rochester (the Thunder) also has a schedule out and I am planning on attending a few games this spring/summer.
2 – I haven’t had a chance to post pictures up due to a number of reasons: A – I can get kind of lazy updating photos  B- The Big Game was yesterday  C – I had a job interview today  D – I had a pretty full day of volunteer work on Saturday for the cooperative grocery store in our tiny little town.

song of the week

Well, I’m trying to resume a post series that I tried starting a few months back, and that was a song of the week.  I enjoy blasting tunes while working in the studio, and I’d like to share what I am listening to at the moment.  I always find it interesting to see what other people are listening to, and here is my current tune.  Enjoy!

This song is called ‘Don’t Call Me Stranger’ by Chris Smither.  I heard this song, as well as his albums title track, ‘Time Stands Still’ on the Current (a Twin Cities radio station) this past week.  It seemed to hit a groove in me and I’ve been listening to it a lot this week.