Studio Update

Well, I finally have some time to post an update.  Even though I have been recently laid off and should have a lot more free time, that simply hasn’t been the case.  Between pottery, looking for jobs, being treasurer for the local cooperative grocery store, and yelling at crazy old ladies, my time has been stretched a bit thin.  I need to set aside time every week to do some of the other things that get pushed to the side.  One of those includes this site.

Even though I have been quite busy, I have still had some time to work in the studio – in fact I am firing the kiln now.  I had enough glazed pieces ready to be fired between my work and student work.  I am still trying out some new glazes to see how they look on my clay, and to see how they interact with the other glazes.  I’m hoping to get a nice collection of easy glazes, say 12-15 dipping glazes, for me and my students to use.  I will probably keep some extra glazes for myself – I have to keep some things different for me to keep things interesting!

I am also trying another type of clay.  I primarily use a mid-fire red clay body, but also use a mid-fire white body.  I wanted to try a different clay for barrel firing that has better thermal shock properties, so I decided to try a raku clay.

The clay works really well on the wheel and was very easy to throw.  I’m excited to see how it looks after it has been fired – it should be a really nice white.  I want to let them dry completely before I try burnishing a few.  I might fire the rest normally and see how they work with the glazes and fired in our kiln.  This might be the first step into trying a raku firing, which I would love to try.

Pottery classes have gone very well so far, with two classes already completed.  I’m really enjoying them and the students are a lot of fun to work with.  I’d like to create a schedule further out into the spring and summer, but need to hold off until I find another ‘real’ job.

I’m hoping to have some news soon relating to Blazing Star Pottery.  Check back soon for more!


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