raku burnishing

Well, I tried burnishing one of my raku pieces yesterday to see how well they can be burnished.  I was really hoping they would work really well and would be a great clay for barrel firings.  The clay did take a nice sheen after going over it a couple of times with a stone, but I don’t think it is quite as nice as when the red clay I use is burnished.

However, the clay did burnish fine and should be nice and shiny after I wax it.  One plus with this clay is it has an amazing visual texture to it – there are lots of blacks, whites, grays, and even browns in the clay.  I’m hoping it stays once I bisque fire the piece.  I’m hoping to burnish and fire a few other pieces soon and maybe in a couple of weeks do my barrel firing (I think I already have 10 or 12 pieces burnished and ready to go).  Can’t wait!

I also finished a few pieces that had been sitting around for a couple weeks.  Since they were nice enough not to dry out completely, I figured I should finish them.  I’m hoping my busy period is over so that I can spend more time working on altering pieces after I’ve thrown them, which is one thing I’m not very good at doing.


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