snow time

Well, we’ve got another snowy day in Minnesota land.  We are probably due since we haven’t had much snow since early January.  However, I am ready for spring1.  I’m ok having snow during December and January and 75-80 degrees the rest of the year.

I fired the kiln on Thursday2 and included a few of my pieces as well as some student work.  I will probably be firing a lot of student work over the next 5-6 weeks, which will actually be nice because I won’t have to wait as long to fire my pieces.  I think I’m figuring out some nice glaze combinations finally.

I haven’t been making much in studio lately, but I have been working in studio quite a bit.  I’ve been playing with clay trying to find some forms that I like, and cleaning the studio and recycling clay (students make a lot of slop to reclaim).

Check back for more news soon.  I’m hoping in a couple weeks I will know more about my schedule for the spring and summer and I can figure out some class schedule.

1 – Speaking of spring, two big soccer news for Minnesota – The new professional soccer team in Minnesota now have a name – NSC Minnesota Stars. They have a nice logo, and the team seems to be run by a good group. Their schedule for the summer was released today. Also, the semi-pro team in Rochester (the Thunder) also has a schedule out and I am planning on attending a few games this spring/summer.
2 – I haven’t had a chance to post pictures up due to a number of reasons: A – I can get kind of lazy updating photos  B- The Big Game was yesterday  C – I had a job interview today  D – I had a pretty full day of volunteer work on Saturday for the cooperative grocery store in our tiny little town.


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