between olympic events…

Apparently there is some big sporting event being held in Vancouver, and it is also becoming apparent that I have been spending too much time watching it.  Regardless, this past week was very busy – it was one of those weeks where you have a ton of things to do, but at the end you still feel like you have a lot to do and nothing to show for the work completed.  I made a trip into Rochester every day this week and that really eats into your free time.  The best part of the week was my first time rock climbing.  My wife and I took a climbing class for her birthday, and it was a blast.  We can’t wait to go back and try it some more.

I spent this week making some pieces for the class on Saturday so I could demo some pieces for them. We worked on cylinders, so I made a few cylinders ahead of time to show how to add handles and lugs to them.  Their assignment for the next class is to make four mugs.

I spent a little time throwing some bowls for a fundraiser about a month from now, and making some glaze test tiles.  I’m hoping to finish the test tiles for the new glazes I’ve been trying.  This next week should be nice because I can spend time throwing things other than for class.


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