glaze fire

I unloaded another glaze firing this weekend and had some nice pieces come out of it.  There was some student work in the kiln this time – they tend to like the brighter colors of glaze then I do.  Which is kind of nice because I get to see some different colors come out of the kiln than normal.  I used a bit of an old batch of glaze that fires a couple cones higher (about 80-100 degrees) than what I fire to so a couple pieces turned a nice, disgusting brown color.  However, most of the pieces turned out nicely.

I glazed a few pieces of raku clay to see how it worked with the glaze.  I must say the glazes look very good on the clay, but I wonder about the strength of the clay – it doesn’t feel as strong or resilient as the red clay I use.  Might just be a good clay for barrel firing.  The translucent glazes look nice over the whiter raku clay and seem a lot brighter.  Some of the glazes can get kind of dark over the red clay.

I’m trying to get as much work time in the studio as I can right now because I’m starting to feel the spring itch (now that it is getting over freezing during the day!) and I found a new job that should start in a couple weeks.  Once I start my job I will have to fit my studio time into whatever spare time I can find (which is what I had to do before I got laid off last November).  It should work out fine, though – I’m very excited to have a new job and to look toward the future.


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