nearing the end…

Well, there is only one more pottery class this Saturday for the students to glaze their finished pieces.  So I am trying to get all their pieces dry and bisque fired this week so they can glaze their pieces.  Seems like most of their pieces this week were mugs.  Two weeks ago I demoed throwing basic cylinders and how to make and attach handles.  So last week they were busy cranking out mugs.  I can understand their exciting – mugs are something that seem very usable and tangible.  Overall I think they made some nice pieces and have some pieces that will glaze quite nicely.

I ended up making a few mugs this past week from showing how to make handles.  I realized it was nice to force myself to try making handles in a way that I don’t usually make them (like extruding).  Also, I ended up with some nice mugs in the process.

I received some buff colored stoneware from a friend to try and throw.  It throws very nice and seems a lot smoother than the red stoneware that I use.  It fires from cone 6 – 10 so it should work in the kiln with the glazes we use.  It will be interesting to find out.  In the far future, I would love to have a gas kiln so that I could fire to cone 10, and this clay might be nice for that since I could fire to mid and high temperatures.  (Cone 6 is about 220o degrees, while cone 10 is around 2400).

I plan on getting some final student work posted next week once I get a chance to fire it.  It will be fun to see what they come up with!


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