After the fun of making different types of handles, I thought that maybe going back and giving myself an assignment every time I throw along side all the regular throwing I do.  So the last time I threw, I made a bunch of bowls, but I also threw three cylinder shapes to cut out patterns into.  It took a lot of time but it felt really good to slow down and spend some time on just a couple pieces.

When I created the cutouts I started with a random design, but I ended up going to a couple large patterns that I like better.  The cutouts worked ok – a couple of them ended up being a little weak and I had to let them dry quite a bit before I cleaned them up.

So I’ll probably try doing this for a while – every time I throw I’ll throw 4-5 pieces as an ‘assignment’ to get me to try something new.  It should be a lot of fun!


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