busy glazing

To make this story short, let’s just say the past couple days haven’t gone very well.  Last week started well when I found out I did find a new job and will start in a couple weeks.  However, on Friday my desktop computer crashed and I can’t get the darn thing started.  And then yesterday I was using my old laptop as a substitute and it finally crashed too.  So two computers down in two days.  At least I think everything on my pc should be recoverable, and I don’t keep any files on my laptop because it hasn’t been happy for a while.

With all the frustration with computers, I spent part of the day on Friday glazing pieces.  It was kind of therapeutic to get away from the computer for a while.  I’m very excited for the next couple kilns of glazed work because I think these might end up being some of my best firings I’ve had.  (I’ve probably jinxed myself by saying that, but whatever ).  I still feel like I’m figuring out the glazes and the kiln, but every time I fire the kiln I get a lot more comfortable with it.

Today is a nearly perfect day to run the kiln, as the sunny, warm weather allows me to work in my garden a bit (the garden is probably no more than 40 feet from the kiln).  I can also work in the garage and clean some of the winteryness out and get ready for spring!

Without any computers (except my wife’s iMac) I might have a little harder time uploading photos, but I hope I still have a chance to do that.  Now with the warmer weather I can also start planning for a couple barrel firings.  Wooo!


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