glaze firing

Well, the odd week is continuing.  I’ve just unloaded the second of two glaze firings I’ve fired this weekend and have finally gone through the results.  Spring is still rushing forward and very little of the 12-16″ of snow that was on the ground only two weeks ago is left – only the large piles by the road.  My little flower garden behind our building is showing signs of life, with some of my crocus starting to bloom (the first blossom opened yesterday, which is by far the earliest flower of the season I have ever had in my little garden).

I also took my computer in to be fixed this morning and bought some groceries, and while in the store I found a Iowa State University candy bar.  Having spent five years at ISU and never known such a thing existed, I was quite surprised to find one in Minnesota (yeah, I know, we’re like 30 miles from Iowa, but Iowa is like an entirely different country).  So, naturally, I had to buy one.  It was delicious.

I thought I had enough pieces to fill three kilns, but it turns out I could fit everything in only two.  Which is good, it means less work for me.  I still have a couple students that need to glaze their pieces this week so I can fire them.  In general I was pretty happy with how everything turned out.  Some of the pieces I brushed turned out way too thin and one glaze got too thick and kind of gooped on the pots.  I made a few sets of pieces which turned out nicely.

I think I’m settling on some nice glazes and shouldn’t need to do much testing for a while. That being said, I am thinking about switching our student glazes from some Spectrum glazes to something else – yet to be determined.  With everything glazed it is time for me to switch to throwing again – I need to get as much in before my job starts at the beginning of April (which I am very excited for).


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