First glaze fire

Well, I removed all the bisque ware from the kiln on Sunday and it turned out very nice.  The kiln ran on schedule and I didn’t have any problems.  Today, I am firing a load of glazed pieces, and this is the first time the new elements will go above 1800 F (it will go to 2200 F).  Should be a good test.  I have over sixty pieces glaze and ready to fire, so probably three full kilns to go.

There are a few Empty Bowls pieces in here, as well as some other pieces I had laying around from a few months back.  This firing should show me if the kiln will fire the same as it used to.  I may have to make a few tweaks to the firing schedule.  I’ve noticed already that it acts a bit differently now than before – mainly because of the switches.  The switches on my kiln go from 0-100, so you have a lot of flexibility for how much power you put to the elements.  On the old switches, at the low end the kiln would still go up very fast.  On these new switches, the kiln heats up much slower at the low end.  I usually have to turn it up a bit to get it to heat up, especially at the beginning.  Once I turn the switches to 40 or so, the kiln will really start to cruise like the old switches.  It should just take a little bit of getting used to.

I hope to get some photos up as soon as I get the kiln unloaded.  I also hope to have some news posted regarding new classes for this fall, so keep an eye out!


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