Fall Pottery Classes!

Now that I have the kiln up and running, I can now start planning for classes and workshops this fall.  I have schedule two sessions of classes starting in October and finishing in mid November.  I am also trying to create a couple short one or two-day workshops for specific goals (like tiles, handbuilding, etc.).  The class schedule is as follows:

Introduction to the Pottery Wheel:  Thursday nights, 6:30-9PM, October 14th through November 18th.

Introduction to the Pottery Wheel:  Sunday nights, 6-8:30PM, October 17th through November 21st.

If you have any questions or need any information, just let me know!  I am very excited to start classes this fall and I am glad I have time to teach them.  I always learn something new each class I teach, and get new ideas for my work.  It helps me keep things fresh, and un-stale.  Should be fun!

To sign up for classes, contact Jennifer Dessner of Kingsland Community Education at 507-346-7276 x 4100 or dessner.jennifer@kingsland.k12.mn.us


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