Ready to go!

We are already halfway through the two classes!  We have now covered throwing and trimming both bowls and cylinders/cups.  The students now have lots of pieces drying on the rack, and hopefully I can fire them on Tuesday.

The next couple classes will be adding upon the initial knowledge, with the hope of making handles and lugs for their bowls and mugs.  And then the last class is glazing!  So far all the students are doing very well – there are a few who have taken a pottery class before, but they aren’t that far ahead of the other students.  They should be happy with the pieces they have thrown!

I am hoping to fire the kiln on Tuesday because I have to be in the studio all day anyways in order to clean, as well as wait for 2000 pounds of clay to be delivered.  I was getting a little low on fresh clay, so it was time to reorder.  However, that means I have to be around to unload the forty – 50 lb. boxes.  Should be a good time to run the kiln!  Hopefully everything dries out pretty fast.  And hopefully my back is fresh for work the next day!


One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of the blog!  It has come a long way and has been an excellent source for me to keep a journal and show others what I am up to.  I am very excited for what the next year will bring and where my pottery will take me!

Class Update

Well, the two classes I am teaching have just finished their second week today, and things are going very well!  Everybody is having some good success by the end of the second class.  It is a lot of fun to see students start turning out pieces they are happy and excited about.  At the end of the next class I should be able to have some photos of student work.

I haven’t had much time to work in the studio, but tomorrow I have some friends coming over to play on the wheels.  I will be in charge of the new baby while they are here, so I won’t be able to throw.  However, it will be fun just to hang out in the studio.  Things should start slowing down for me within the next couple weeks that I should be able to spend more time working.

I am also planning my class schedule for the winter and should have that posted shortly!

I’ve gotten pretty excited about creating a schedule for next year while working out possible class schedules, and am starting to look into showing at a few art fairs next year.  I’ve never done one but thought it might be worth it to try a few every year.  I’m definitely going to start with some of the smaller, local shows to get my feet wet, so to speak.  I know my work isn’t much compared to a lot of the local potters, but it is probably time for me to open myself up to a critical look at my work.  It is a big hill I need to get over.

The show must go on

The open house during fall fest went well – I think the weather scared a few people away in the morning so turnout was a little lower than it had been in previous years.  My wife had an exhibition for her quilting business and I had some pottery out.  I had to work my real job so I couldn’t attend the event, but I was there in spirit.

I haven’t set up for a show in the gallery before, so it took a little jostling around to figure out how to lay everything out.  I think it all looked very nice.  I sold a few pieces and got the names of some people who were interested in classes, so I consider it a success.

I had a friend visit and we threw on the wheels a bit and it was the first time I have had time to play with clay since little Remy was born.  It was nice to get dirty again and exercise the fingers.

My wife and I also visited some potters today on the Northeast Iowa Artist’s Studio Tour.  I think we visited 5 potters, with the intention of visiting 7 (it was our first day away from the baby – I think it went very well and we had a lot of fun in Decorah, Iowa).  It was nice to meet some of the area’s potters, see their work and how they set up their studios.  We took some very nice pieces home for our collection, as well as lots of ideas for the upcoming months!

By the way, there are only two spots left in the pottery classes, and only 10 days left to sign up!  Email me for more information.