Ready to go!

We are already halfway through the two classes!  We have now covered throwing and trimming both bowls and cylinders/cups.  The students now have lots of pieces drying on the rack, and hopefully I can fire them on Tuesday.

The next couple classes will be adding upon the initial knowledge, with the hope of making handles and lugs for their bowls and mugs.  And then the last class is glazing!  So far all the students are doing very well – there are a few who have taken a pottery class before, but they aren’t that far ahead of the other students.  They should be happy with the pieces they have thrown!

I am hoping to fire the kiln on Tuesday because I have to be in the studio all day anyways in order to clean, as well as wait for 2000 pounds of clay to be delivered.  I was getting a little low on fresh clay, so it was time to reorder.  However, that means I have to be around to unload the forty – 50 lb. boxes.  Should be a good time to run the kiln!  Hopefully everything dries out pretty fast.  And hopefully my back is fresh for work the next day!


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