What I’ve been up to…

I am normally laid off for a couple months at the start of the year; just one of the side effects of having a career in landscaping.  This winter is the same story; however, I have not had much time at all for working in the studio.  I am the treasurer for a local cooperative grocery store and had to spend a good week finishing the books and taxes for 2010.  I also am in the middle of training for a little promotion I received at my current employer and that has taken up a lot of time.  And with a new baby at home, that pretty much does it for time.

I should have time to do a little work over the next week as I prepare for some classes in February.  I’m hoping to try to show at a couple art fairs this summer and I want to be sure I have enough material to go on.

I also restocked on some supplies at the end of the year; this included 2000 pounds of clay that I had to unload all by myself and transport down a flight of stairs into my studio.  Lets just say I definitely felt it the next morning.  But now I should by well stocked in clay for well over a year again.  Which is nice because I don’t want to move clay again until I have to.