when you get some time…

I am finally stringing together a few days to work in the studio.  I’ve spent the past few days making some new pieces and recycling clay.  I spent some time make some bowls to facet and flute to play around with some of their effects.  I’ve found I need to work on the thickness of the bowls for faceting – I was not making them thick enough and sliced right through the side of the bowl.  But the fluting worked out very nice, and I played around with some other effects too.

I’m still working on finding ‘my style’ of pottery, but I can tell I am getting close.  I still need to spend a lot more time altering my pieces, but until I have more time I can devote to the studio (at least an hour or two for a few days in a row) it will be hard to work on altering.

The class I am teaching in Stewartville is in the art room using their wheels and kiln.  They have five standing treadle wheels – a very odd wheel to use, especially when you are accustomed to using a sitting electric wheel.  I like the treadle wheels very much, but wish they were seated wheels instead.  I’m keeping an eye out for a nice kick or treadle wheel to add to my arsenal of wheels – they help me slow down and focus on the shape of the pieces I am throwing.


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