Winter Wonderland

Well, we’ve gotten a series of snowfalls the past few days, which convinced me to throw some of the white clay I had lying around.  I had a couple boxes of Hi-Fire White stoneware from Continental Clay left that I decided to use up.  This is probably my favorite clay right now – if feels great while throwing, and turns a wonderful white once fired.  As I use up the large collection of red clay I have (Mid-Fire Red from CC), I think I will transition over to the white. 


The last pieces I made with the white clay was some faceted bowls.  I always enjoy making faceted bowls – it tends to be one of the more relaxing things I make.  I like using the white clay for these bowls, as some of my glazes break nicely over the piece. 


This winter has been a busy one, but luckily I’ve been finding quite a bit of time to work on the wheel.  My plan is to continue making pieces until mid-March.  Then I will transition to glazing/firing my pieces, so that I can be done with everything before the busiest season of landscape design hits. 


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