Ain’t no rest for the wicked!

Why, hello there! Long time no see!  I haven’t posted on this site in nearly two(!) years.  The last time I posted, our family(my wife, my son, and I) had just moved into a new house and I didn’t have a studio space set up yet.  Well, let me tell you, things have changed…

I spent much of last winter working on other projects, to the detriment of pottery.  First, we invited a new baby into our house, which seemed to keep us quite busy.  So between Remy (4 years old), Neva (nearly two years old) and a rather mentally irregular dog, we are having a blast.  I also spent quite a bit of time last year studying for (and passing!) four professional exams to become a landscape architect.  All that is left is for my application for licensure to be accepted, and I will be a full Professional Landscape Architect.  Wooo!

Finally, the third item I spent a lot of time working on during the past year was our basement.  My wife works from home in the basement, and we needed to do some updating and refreshing.  We had new carpet put in, and I did some drywall work and repainted the entire basement.  As part of this, I created a pottery studio for myself.  A full room just for pottery!

However, by the time I finished the work in the basement, building the studio, and studying for exams, it was time to get back to landscape design.  So I didn’t get much time to do any pottery last winter.  I’ve been throwing on the wheel quite a bit this winter, so keep an eye out for some updates!

A quick tour of the studio:  It is a converted bedroom in the basement, with a window and a bare concrete floor.  I covered all the vents/cold air returns in the room, to prevent dust from migrating to other rooms.  I also wear special pottery shoes to minimize clay tracking.  I added loads of shelves – the small ones above the pottery wheels will hold finished pieces, while the larger shelves on the opposite wall will hold all my pieces in progress – I’m planning on those shelves being full of pieces by the time I start glazing in April.  I use the totes underneath the shelves for working on wet pieces, to prevent them from drying out too fast.  Right now, I have four totes full of mugs that just had handles attached.

I have two wheels in the room at the moment, but I can fit all four of my wheels in the room if needed.  I may start giving some pottery classes again in the future, so I wanted to be able to have four students.  I have my trusty wedging table in the corner, and an odd shaped closet where I can place my ware boards, bags, and other random tools and supplies.  The only thing this space lacks is a sink – so I have to use the bathroom across the hall.  I also have a new ceiling light that needs to be installed to give the room a bit more light at night.

I’m hoping to add some shorter posts of some of the work I’ve been doing lately, so keep an eye out for that!